March 13, 2014

"The Lord of the Rings - triology" - by J.R.R.Tolkien (author of the books)

     Okay, so, the people chose "Lord of the rings", so here it is! Now, to be very honest, I really, really, dislike the movies and the books.
       Stop, the flames! I appreaciate the amazing work everyone working on the movies had to bring an antire world to life! It's no easy job and I understand that; from characterisation, to animation, the producers of the movies made an amazing job! 
      Still, what I don't like it's the plot itself. Having read the books, I have to say that I don't like Tolkien's writting. To me, it's too much fantasy! I'm a fantasy lover, but I think that enough is enough. Although I admire his mind for creating an entire world, new creatures and even new languages, the plot itself is not appealing to me. It's... too much. Even though it was an exit in the cinemas and has a great amount of fans, I'm not one of them.
       Perhaps, if Tolkien had toned down on the fantasy, I would give the plot a chance; like this, no way!