February 21, 2014

"Cigarette Burns" by John Carpenter

    I know the week is ending, but I decided to write about this wonderful short film. 
    "Cigarette Burns" is a short film included in the series "Masters of Horror" and it comes from the amazing mind of John Carpenter; a veteran in cinema history and a master of the horror genre.
     The story follows the search for an obscure film called "La Fin Absolue du Monde", a film that supposedly makes everyone who sees it to have a psychotic episode in which they commit homicide, suicide or both. As the main character conducts the search and gets closer and closer to the only remaining copy of the film, he begins to feel the effects and power of it.
        Now, this short film is highly recommendable for every Carpenter's fans, as it is another amazing work of his.
       I have to admit that I absolutely loved this short film! Beginning with the main character, who is struggling with the grief of loosing is lover and at the same time goes in search of this cursed film. He gives unsure but at the same time, determined steps in the search; even after suffering the effects of the film. 
       And then comes the very concept of  "La Fin Absolue du Monde". The mere possibility that a film can affect and alter someones mind so much that they commit such cruel actions is amazing! The idea of a movie like that is both thrilling and terifying!
       All in all, "Cigarette Burns" is an amazing work that could only come from John Carpenter's amazing mind!
        To me, it's worth 5 stars.